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We focus on the tech so you can focus on your business

About us

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Apollo Solutions is a European software development company, located in the Hungarian city of Budapest which is famous for their IT talents.


We provide experts for developing seamless and business-oriented solutions that translate the needs and goals of our customers into reliable software where utility, ease of use and efficiency are key factors and where state-of-the-art technical solutions to minimize both future operational costs and risks. By implementing the development practices, top technologies we give our clients a competitive advantage in business.


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Balázs Dóra

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

After having 10+ years of experience as a software developer in various industries he founded the company to help clients reach their business goals

About Us
Team Extension Services
Similing Team

We provide access to IT experts, not only with the right skills but also the relevant experience, that can be hard to find on the open market.


Our software developers, DevOps engineers, and technical team leaders will help you to get your project accomplished in time and within budget. 


We maximize ROI through continued support and maintenance, monitoring user behavior, cloud server architectures and third-party components, and by making sure the deployed solution stays up to date in the constantly evolving technology space.

Advantages of fully dedicated experts

Save time and cost

We follow agile methodologies and focus on correct planning to guide projects to predictable results.

Easy Scaling

Start small to ensure quality. Scale up or down resources when you need it. Develop on budget and on time.

Full Control

You retain total team control while taking advantage of the scalability and reduced administration.

Clear Communication

Daily meetings, regular reporting, and rapid response allow us to provide better visibility of the project and ensure everything is on track.

No additional costs

Forget about recruiting costs and operational overhead. We’ll do it on our own and provide all the infrastructure and administration for the team.

Predictable budget

Simple and transparent pricing: monthly payments depending on the team size.

The main technologies we use
How we work


Gathering information

Let us know about the project so we can investigate requirements and come up with the best team fit or share what kind of software development experts you need:

  • Qualification requirements

  • Team size

  • Team structure


Review CVs

We share CVs of appropriate team members for your review. After this we facilitate interviews or test tasks with confirmed candidates to ensure they are the best fit for your project.


Approve Team Members

At this stage, we've already built a core team. A few things remain to start working:

  • Signing contract

  • Team onboarding

  • Knowledge transfer


Start working

Manage your new team and control KPI. We'll take care of project execution progress, transparent reporting, daily meetings, and reaching KPIs.

How we work
Contact us
Contact us

Apollo Solutions kft.

EU VAT number: HU27946888

Address: 1094 Budapest Ferenc square 13. 2/7 Hungary


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